The Week 2011

THE WEEK FEB 2011 Lewis Noble at The Hart Gallery

Derbyshire’s artist in residence in 2001, Lewis Noble (born 1967) spent 2008-O9 creating a series of works depicting the Chatsworth Estate. The current exhibition of small mixed-media and watercolour landscapes done onthe spot, and large canvases worked on in the studio, draws on the landscape of the Peak District where Noble now lives, and the precipitous coastal paths and dark seas of south Cornwall. He seems a notably physical painter – there’s nothing obviously cerebral or conceptual about these works. He’s concerned with the sensation of being outdoors,alone in the landscape. In works such as Cloud Shadow Falling Across Fields, Dovedale Wind or Looking Down from Coverack Point, Noble gives a vivid sense of weather: scudding clouds, waves crawling over rocks far below — and, above all, of huge skies with clouds that share equal significance with the rough landscape.